Due to COVID-19, Utah has fallen on tough economic times. Businesses have had to shutter their doors, unemployment has hit record highs, and many Utahns are uncertain of what the future will bring. Low- and moderate-income folks have been hit the hardest by the pandemic and unpopular, regressive taxes like the food tax have disproportionately affected workers who have been laid off or furloughed. Stagnant political leadership has worsened this crisis and hardworking Utahns have been forced to shoulder the economic burden. 

Utah deserves fair taxation and strong leadership to move past the pandemic and into a prosperous 2021. Chris Peterson sees a future of booming economic growth, rising wages, and new career pathways for Utahns of all backgrounds. As governor, Chris will invest resources in growing technology sectors as well as local businesses and rural communities. He is also committed to eliminating food taxes that keep industrious Utahns from achieving financial security. 

By combining economic growth with new job training opportunities and equitable taxes, Chris will ensure Utah is an economic powerhouse for years to come.