As a product of Utah public schools and universities, Chris believes deeply in the importance of quality education for all Utahns. Due to a lack of education funding from state legislators, The K-12 system of 25 years ago no longer exists today. Teachers and students alike have been stretched thin and Utah’s continued growth will only magnify these problems without forward thinking leadership. 

As governor, Chris will fight on behalf of teachers and students to create a more supportive and equitable public education system. Utah’s kids deserve dedicated teachers, smaller class sizes, and more mental health and career building services. Chris will also work to expand educational opportunities beyond traditional K-12 learning: Quality public pre-k programs, more affordable trade school and community college, and loan forgiveness for public school teachers and farmers.  

Strong families, a diverse workforce, and a better future all start with education. Chris Peterson will prioritize public education and put Utah’s children and economic future first.