From the deserts of Southern Utah to the snowcapped peaks of the Wasatch Front, Utah is defined by its rich environment. These natural wonders, along with food and water security, are crucial to Utahn’s unique way of life but they are being threatened by a rapidly changing climate. According to experts across the spectrum, Utah is running out of time to stop consistent droughts, widespread wildfires, and major decreases in air quality. Action is needed now and Chris Peterson will lead the way to a cleaner, more sustainable future. 

Chris believes that prioritizing a healthy environment is a necessary investment on behalf of Utah families and businesses, one that doesn’t mean sacrificing growth and prosperity. A clean energy future of electric vehicles, more efficient power grids, and greater energy independence will create more, better jobs while supporting Utah’s future population increases. Sustainable energy, transportation solutions as well as responsible regulation of polluters will also preserve clean water and air for all Utahns. 

Chris is dedicated to maintaining what makes Utah special without sacrificing economic growth and quality jobs. He will listen to every voice with a stake in Utah’s clean water, air, and lands to create localized solutions without catering to big business or Washington lobbying groups.