For far too long, healthcare has not been a priority in Utah. There are too many underinsured and uninsured folks in our state, many of whom are burdened with mountains of medical debt. As Governor, Chris Peterson will change that narrative. Throughout his career, Chris has fought for the most vulnerable in our communities and he will bring that same approach to our healthcare crisis. Healthcare should be a right in this country. Utahns should not have to choose between their family’s financial well-being and their physical health. Chris will work to preserve opportunity and freedom for thousands of Utah residents with healthcare reform that works for everyone. 

Chris will make healthcare more accessible and more affordable by streamlining our bloated healthcare system. He is committed to upholding the voters’ will by following through on the Medicaid expansion and medical cannabis program Utahns supported in 2018. Chris is also dedicated to bolstering mental health resources in order to curb rising cases of mental illness and suicide. These crucial and simple reforms have been neglected by entrenched politicians for years. It’s time for a change in our healthcare. It’s time for a change in Utah.